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Auto Dealer Bonds

Getting an auto dealer’s surety bond is a licensing requirement in many states. Whether you are applying to become a business owner or already own a business, you can find all the information you need about the contract here.

Auto Dealer Bonds: What Are They?

Auto dealer bonds, often called auto dealer bonds, are legal contracts and work to protect your customers. If you sell a car to a customer without proper documentation, or it will be against the license, the customer can use your deposit as a trade-in. The insurance company will pay the legal fees upfront, but you must pay them back.

Types of Auto Dealer Bonds

Auto dealers in every state have one thing in common, and that is “bonds.” The industry requirement, known by many names, is designed to protect consumers and maintain high standards in the automotive industry. However, only part of the revenue from auto dealers is the same. The type of deposit required will vary depending on the vehicle you are selling and your state’s specific laws. Many types of business start-up agreements are worth taking a closer look at.

  1. New Vehicle Sales Bond: If you are talking about selling a new car, you will need this bond. This includes new auto sales, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. This agreement ensures that the seller complies with state laws and manufacturer agreements and is not involved in fraud.
  2. Used Car Dealer Bonds: This bond is designed for used car dealers. The law requires used car dealers, like new car dealers, to post a bond to meet state licensing requirements. This prevents buyers from doing bad things like selling stolen cars or changing the odometer reading.
  3. Automobile Dealership: Businesses that sell vehicles to other dealers instead of the public are considered automobile dealerships. Likewise, the contract guarantees that the seller’s business complies with the state’s laws and regulations.
  4. Motorcycle Dealer Bonds: These bonds are available to motorcycle dealers. These agreements ensure that sellers comply with the laws of the states where they do business.
  5. RV Dealer Bonds: These bonds are ideal for dealers who specialize in recreational vehicles (RVs). This agreement serves the same purpose: to protect consumers and ensure RV dealers comply with all state laws.

Cost of an Auto Dealer Bond

The credit history of the vehicle owner is an essential factor in determining the cost of a surety bond. The fee is usually expressed as a percentage of income and is usually paid by the applicant. Generally, dealers with good personal credit will decrease 1-3% of the contract price. Customers with lower credit scores are often charged higher prices. The cost of a distressed loan program can range from 5% to 15% of the contract’s total value.

Since loan amounts vary from state to state, where you live, and work will determine how much you pay. Note that specific rules regarding the owner and driver’s licenses vary from state to state. Each state requires permits and agreements for business owners to operate in other states.

If you want to do business as an auto dealer, purchase an auto dealer bond to get a license. Once you buy a contract, keep it current and avoid problems. You must manage the car dealer’s contract when you’re in the car sales business.